About Us

Gaming Language is an initiative by Mendel Bouman and is a collective of several of the industry’s finest localization experts to bring you localization for all of the major territories.

Mendel Bouman is a Dutch linguist who started working on Dutch localization for Games at Electronic Arts back in 2007. Since then, he’s worked at U-TRAX QA until he decided to start his own localization company on July 1st 2010.
Joris Bogers
Native Dutch translator (English <-> Dutch) with 5 years of experience and a specialization in the video games. Creative, reliable, professional. Translating is not just simply transcribing text from one language into another, as anyone who has used free translation websites will know. Translation is sculpting a text to the audience’s needs, choosing words and references that resonate as much in the translation as in the original.

“I simply love translating. I love the challenges texts pose and figuring out solutions to seemingly untranslatable phrases. I especially love translating puns and rhymes. They push my creativity to higher levels.”

Elena Zaffaroni
Academically trained and professionally experienced, Elena has translated hundreds of videogames and can’t wait to start with the next one!
Linda Geschwandtner

Linda is the owner of lg glaze and crazy about anything related to languages, quality control, and gaming. She has a strong business background and is combining that since 2010 with her full commitment for translation work and linguistic games testing.
Natacha Laborde
Natacha is a french girl who likes crazy ambitious goals and enjoy doing many different things in life. She is our French translator, as well as our project manager, making sure every project goes smoothly. Her main business is all about making games in any form and shapes and the technical parts doesn’t scare her.