World of Tanks (through Andovar)
Several AAA PS3 titles, including several shooters (FPS / 3rd person), racing games, and platform games (under NDA)
(at U-TRAX QA).)
Various casual games
(RealGames) (at U-TRAX QA)
Several iPod titles
(at Electronic Arts)
(Wii) (Deep Silver) (at U-TRAX QA)
Duke Nukem: Critical Mass
(NDS) (Deep Silver) (at U-TRAX QA)
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2
(NDS) (Ubisoft) (at U-TRAX QA)
RaymanRavinRabbids TV Party
(Wii) (Ubisoft) (at U-TRAX QA)
Fighters Uncaged
(Xbox 360 / Kinect)(Ubisoft) (at U-TRAX QA)
Plants vs. Zombies
(NDS) (PopCap) (at U-TRAX QA)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
(Xbox 360) (at Electronic Arts)
FIFA 2009 (All platforms)
(at Electronic Arts)